How to Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Soulmate

The Law of Attraction is the belief that “like attracts like” and by focusing on positive thoughts we can bring about positive results.

If you’ve always wondered how to find your soul mate, understanding and following a few simple steps will empower you to manifest and attract the lifelong partner you seek.

There is nothing you can’t be, do or have when you know how to activate and use the infinite power within you.

While there are many depictions in movies and fairy tales, simply put, a soul mate is defined as “a person who is a perfect match for another in temperament [or] very similar to another in attitude or beliefs.”

Some people are lucky enough to find a spiritual connection, and the two can easily connect right away. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to find that right person.

That being said, the process can be a fun and healthy one.

How to use the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate

1. get clear on what you really want.

Every failed relationship in your past has given you clues as to what you want in your ideal partner. The problem is that many people focus on the negative rather than the positive.

For example, when you say you don’t want a man who “puts his work before his relationship,” you’re focusing on a man who puts his work before his love, and that’s what you’re unconsciously wishing for through your energy.

The good news is that if you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. Your power to create lies in your ability to choose positive and clear thoughts so that you can tell the world exactly what you want. (For example, “I want a man who puts me first and loves me unconditionally.”)

You can tell if your affirmation is positive or negative by how you feel. If it makes you feel great, it’s positive. If it makes you feel bad, it’s negative. It’s that simple.

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just turn them around and start focusing on the positive. You’ll instantly feel better and you’ll be aligned with love.

2. imagine the love you desire and feel the love you already have.

If you’re ready for love, one of the best things you can do is indulge in daydreaming about your perfect partner.

When you visualize your ideal partner, you can create and improve your desired relationship until it meets your highest ideals.

Once you have this ideal image in your mind, replay it over and over again until one day you realize that you are actually living it. The power of your imagination is unstoppable and can change your love life.

3. fall in love with yourself.

When we judge or criticize ourselves too harshly and too often, we can easily give off an energy that rejects others. Self-criticism is a negative energy that can repel a potential partner.

On the other hand, self-love is often attractive and can attract a potential partner.

Make a list of ten traits you love about yourself and put that list somewhere you can see it every day. It doesn’t matter what’s on its list, as long as it makes you feel good about yourself.

The more you focus on where you love yourself, the more self-love you will experience. Other people will love you too because it feels good to be around people who love themselves.

4. say no to jealousy.

It’s natural to feel jealous when we see someone experiencing something we desire and don’t have, but jealousy can actually keep love from coming to you. Jealousy is a negative emotion that can repel what you desire.

Instead of feeling jealous, understand that if you see others realizing your dreams, your dreams are getting closer.

Instead of being jealous, celebrate the love you see and bless all the love you witness.

5. Refuse to give up.

The number one reason the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work is because people give up before their desires are realized. It’s like ordering a delicious meal and walking out of the restaurant before your order arrives. The order is on its way, but if you stop being consistent with it, you will miss out.

When it comes to love, people get disappointed when their date doesn’t live up to their expectations and they don’t see the signs of true love coming. Out of disappointment or fear of disappointment, they give up, never realizing what they are missing out on.

The key to the Law of Attraction is that once you are clear that you desire something specific, you must commit to it until it manifests itself in your life and until you finally meet your soul mate.

6. Remain firm in the face of doubt.

We live in a responsible world where it is possible to experience all our dreams and desires.

One of the biggest obstacles to realizing our desires is doubt. We want something, but we doubt its possibility. In fact, it is doubt that prevents it from coming.

Understanding is a positive energy that opens the door to attraction. Doubt is a negative energy that closes that door. When you are aligned with the perfect partner who attracts you, there is a sense of knowing he/she is on the way.

7. enjoy the moment.

Don’t wait until you’re in love to start living.

You’ll attract people who are similar to you: if you’re a TV fan, you’ll attract a TV fan. If you want a partner who is active, likes to ski, and likes to read, you’d better start jogging, go skiing on the slopes, and browse bookstores.

Don’t wait for him/her to arrive in order to live your best life. Start living your best life now and you’ll become super attractive so that that special someone can spot you in the crowd.

8. Become the future you.

One is you who is single now and one is you who will have a partner or get married in the future.

One of the best ways to use the Law of Attraction to attract your perfect guy or girl is to allow yourself to become that person who is already in your relationship.

That’s how it works: think about yourself right now and think about yourself in the perfect relationship. How are you different? What do you become once you fall in love?

Maybe your answer is, “I become relaxed, confident, loving and kind.” Your answer is your clue to the kind of person you must become now.

Don’t wait for feelings to manifest; you must first become the person who already possesses these qualities. This includes preparing your space for the partner of your dreams. Clean out your closets, empty your drawers, or replace worn-out wallpaper.

Think of ways you can prepare yourself and your life to be a perfect fit for your perfect partner.

9. Get your beliefs in order.

Examine your beliefs about love and clean up any beliefs that don’t support attracting, having and keeping your perfect relationship.” I’m not attractive enough.” I don’t make enough money.” “All the good ones are taken.”

The world always has a way of making your beliefs come true, so if a belief doesn’t support what you really want, now is the time to let it go and develop beliefs that do. The world responds to how you feel about yourself; if you don’t feel worthy or deserving, the world will reflect that.

10. stop questioning how it will happen and believe that it will.

We live in an amazing world that can bring you what you want in the most surprising and even unbelievable ways. Getting hung up on the “how” can actually get in the way of the Law of Attraction.

All you have to do is clearly and positively define what you most desire and align with your desires in all the ways mentioned above. It’s not the how you have to do it, so don’t get hung up on how it’s going to happen.

If you try to control the “how” of doing it, it’s likely to get in your way and make things more difficult. Instead, let go of any idea of how it’s going to happen and let the world work its magic.

This doesn’t mean you sit at home and do nothing.

The difference is that you wait for inspired action. Inspired action is when you suddenly feel like you should go to a coffee shop even though you’re not thirsty, or you should get gas on the other side of the street.

The Law of Attraction communicates with you through your intuition, so make sure you’re listening and following your intuitive feelings.

Most importantly, be open to all possibilities – you never know how the world will materialize.

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