In marriage, not showing love is worse than not loving it

The so-called husband and wife, difficult to meet in a sea of people, easy to be estranged in the firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Many marriages, it seems, can not escape the ravages of the years.

How many couples, the beginning of sweet and happy, but with the passage of time, many people walk around and choose to separate, the reason is simply unfaithful to the relationship, personality and no longer love each other. But more to fail to end the marriage, is not the principle and the bottom line on the problem, but one party is busy working to make money, the other party is busy taking care of the family, the minutiae of life depleted each other’s passion, couples in the ordinary life no longer go to express their love for each other, thought mutual understanding, in fact, but gradually drifted apart.

The movie “Fireman” tells the story of a seven-year itch marriage. A couple married for seven years, the husband Keller is a firefighter, his wife Catherine is the hospital’s public relations director, they are in their respective professional fields in the world, but the marriage life is deep water, broken and unbearable. Husband can not stand his own work every day so hard, go home but even a mouthful of hot meals can not eat, but also because of the disregard for the family often by the wife of all kinds of complaints, often angrily slammed the door, ignoring the wife for the family’s other pay; wife feels that her husband only care about work, do not care about the family, for this reason, they often yell and scream, countless times broke down and cried, ignoring the husband’s work in the pressure.

In the workplace, Keller often warned his men, “Never discard your fellow man, especially in a fire.” Many times, he was the first to risk his own life in order to protect his comrades at work. However, he did not apply this truth to his married life, and after countless heated arguments and cold wars, divorce seemed to be their only option.

Keller’s father, who could not bear to watch their marriage fall apart, gave his son a copy of the handbook “40 Days of Love Challenge” and implored him to follow the practices written on it and spend 40 days repairing the couple’s relationship in a last-ditch effort to save his marriage. He told his son that it wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife anymore, he had just forgotten how to love. Keller agreed, and outside of work, he did what he had noted in his notes, not complaining when his wife was angry, preparing a breakfast for her, thoughtfully pouring and feeding her medicine when she was sick, making coffee, doing the dishes, cleaning up, buying flowers, and having a candlelight dinner ……

Keller originally resisted the challenge, but later realized the true meaning of marriage in the day-to-day persistence, he re-examined everything, and understood the reason why his marriage was broken, because he did not know how to maintain the relationship between the two. In the face of her husband’s little changes, Catherine was initially unimpressed, believing that those were just small tricks that her husband temporarily used because he didn’t want to get divorced. Keller did not give up, still playing 12 points of spirit to continue to insist, he filled the gap between husband and wife little by little, slowly melting the wife was dusty heart, and later, his wife finally put on the wedding ring again. The two returned to the sweet times of the past, through this marriage crisis, they learned to have love expression in marriage, in order to keep the happiness.

Lovers pursue love, the pursuit of eternity, but always forget how to maintain and operate the marriage.

How many people, but also adhere to their original wedding made that vow, “no matter what happens to any situation, always love him as one”.

When in love, the wind and snow can be expected, each other all the time to come up with their own all the love show to each other to see, occasionally a small surprise, will always make each other happy and touched.

Once into the marriage, there is left for the family to run around, for the children to work, no longer talk about what romantic surprises.

Middle-aged couples, how many of them will still hug each other in bed, hold each other’s hands when they go out, and praise each other?

“Happy marriages are seldom the product of chance; they are like buildings that must be sensibly and intentionally designed.”

Marriage is a business, not a gamble, and the only way to make it sweeter and go further is to let the other person feel your love for her.

The expression of love that keeps married life fresh does not require you to make painstaking preparations, make a big fuss and waste money, it does not have to be a lavish French dinner, a particularly expensive gift.

It can be: a warm tip on the refrigerator; after a fight, the first lowered his head to admit his fault; the other side of the hungry to help him cook a bowl of noodles; a kiss in the morning, out of the door of a hug; after a bath, for her to dry wet hair; ordinary life of a little bit of a drop, the small road hand-in-hand stroll …… is the mundane matters of the interstices, the nine-to-five The free time, give each other that unique and exclusive heart.

Love is not perfect, marriages inevitably burn out, and the dull and busy life is sometimes tiresome. In the trivial days, these small expressions of love, not pretense, not boredom, it is the proof of the flow of love between husband and wife, is to make the marriage happy to go on lubricant.

Marriage, the expression of love, is to let the other side to understand, you in the heart to maintain a relationship, with the heart to operate the two days. Even if life in the day-to-day humdrum is slowly worn off the light, your warmth to her, but also can let the trivial life, full of warm and long love confession.

Movies, candlelight dinners or trips for two, it’s not about material things, it’s about a love of life and cherishing each other.

A life together means more than just wedding vows, but also responsibility, support, tolerance, loyalty and much more. Even the strongest feelings, even happy marriage, if you do not know how to operate, no love to protect, will eventually be trivial life worn out all the way.

Many people are afraid to get married because they are afraid that all the goodness will be smoothed out by time, but in fact, as long as the husband and wife are attentive enough, they can make the trivial days lively and vivid all the time. If you no longer feel passion in your married life, don’t rush to divorce yet, you may want to fall in love again once to see.

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  1. The warmth and understanding in the author’s words are comforting and uplifting. Reading this article was a solace.

  2. This article profoundly explores the ups and downs of love, highlighting the importance of resilience and compassion in relationships.

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