When a relationship goes cold, don’t break up just yet

In the afternoon, a touch of sunlight sneaks in through the window, reflecting the figure of leaves on the desk, so spring has quietly arrived. People who are in love like spring the most, it is a season full of love and excitement.

However, couples who are experiencing the cold period of love seem to be frozen in the winter, the atmosphere of love is cold and depressed.

The lukewarm period in love seems to be a constant in intimate relationships that cannot be escaped or shaken off. People who are passionately in love scoff at it, thinking that feelings will not cool down; timid people, scared of it, thinking that it is the number one killer that destroys relationships. Only those who have come out of the cold period hand in hand will understand that the cold period can be an excellent time for intimacy to grow.

Many people think that the cold period comes because there is a “problem” in the relationship, but in fact it is only a “signal light”. If we think of the lukewarm period as a floodgate, we’re left wondering – is this person the right person or not? So as a result, and then look for all kinds of reasons to support, the breakup will become inevitable. On the contrary, if the cold period as a positive, warning signals, that it is to remind each other should be appropriate to stop, think about the process of love those “not very pleasant” behavior, to experience those “not very comfortable” feeling! The signal light is a reminder to stop and think about the “less pleasant” behaviors in the relationship and experience the “less comfortable” feelings. Then under the guidance of the signal light, each other will tend to look for countermeasures to solve the problem, to ensure the smooth development of the relationship.

During this time, we must have mixed feelings. When faced with cold words and wanting to address them but not knowing what to do, it is like the tangle of not knowing how much clothing is appropriate to wear in a sudden change in temperature. You and your boyfriend agree that communication without careful thought is often counterproductive. Therefore, both agree to take a step back. Allowing each other the space to think through what you’re uncomfortable with in the relationship and trying to clearly describe the issues in writing is a necessary preparation for effective, same-frequency communication during the cooling-off period.

Next, both parties can take a step forward and have an honest, concrete communication. In fact, at this point, the lethality of the cold period has been greatly diminished because both parties have the same goal – to solve the problem and eliminate the hidden problems. The direction of an intimate relationship is the responsibility of both partners, it is decided by both people, and should never be the responsibility or decision of only one person. In addition, adequate expression of love is indispensable during this special time. During the communication process, we need to try to make the other person feel that you still put him in the most important position in your heart, so that he understands that communication is not to shirk responsibility, but to be able to walk better together.

When you find the cause of the relationship cold, fade, from the two people together to discuss the solution to start, it is as if from the corner of the shade out, the sun began to spread around, the temperature gradually rise, the spring should have the vitality to restore, love to be able to rejuvenate the vitality of the machine.

For example, you and your boyfriend fully communicated before it suddenly realized that the relationship into the cold period because we get along for a long time, so that we gradually lost the freshness of the initial let each other’s heart; long-term long-distance so that there is a lack of communication between each other, reducing the sense of intimacy. So, we began to learn together to warm up the feelings of skills, learning to create surprise romance, to maintain a sense of mystery, to leave each other the space of imagination.

Love is a dance for two, not a one-man show. Whether it is the cold period of intimacy or other difficult moments in interpersonal relationships, the key to breaking the ice is always for two people to face it hand in hand together. Cold period may be a bottleneck, may be a test, undeniably will be doubly tormented, but get through it and then look back, I believe you will thank it for coming, thanks to it gave you the opportunity to sublimate your feelings.

The beauty and sweetness of a passionate love affair is certainly endearing, but perhaps one day, the cold period of love will suddenly visit. Please don’t be afraid and no need to run away, look at it from a different perspective, you will realize that it is a special and exclusive romance.

The appearance of the cold period makes the process of falling in love more complete. Every person who has experienced the cold period understands one thing: a good love to be stable and long-lasting, relying on not only the passion, freshness, but also need to both sides of the efforts to adhere to the heart of the management.

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  1. Emotions are like colors in the tapestry of life, and this article beautifully weaves them together. It’s a must-read.

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