Three emotional dead ends for men

There’s a saying on the Internet that says, “A man’s heart is a needle in the back of his head.”


Meaning: men’s minds, fickle and unpredictable.


I don’t know, and then mind uncertainty of the man, there are also emotional dead ends.


Especially these three emotional dead ends, women must know.


In this way, in order to better manage a relationship, the intimate relationship to maintain a long time fresh.



His past


Everyone will have the past, perhaps a black and dark time, perhaps a period of unforgettable years.


Either way, some pasts are worth remembering, while others can only be buried in the bottom of the heart, not to be mentioned.


Especially for some men, the past represents a scar, is not touching the dead spot.


In fact, for the feelings, there will always be people because of the nagging, and unbearable; some people because of the frank release, and let go of their own.


As for the past is still put inside the deep hidden men, always seem to show a very strong, but this is often just their appearance, in order to cover up the inner vulnerability.


Even some men will be in the partner touched the bad past, become emotional, or not mention, the golden man.


If the woman must be on the man’s past, then it will only make him have a reverse psychology.


In fact, you can pretend not to know, do not care, but will let him produce a kind of want to compensate for the mind.


Therefore, instead of prying into his past, it is better to use tolerance to help him out of the shadow of the past.



His spiritual needs


Writer Charlotte Bronte once said:


“For men, love is only a small part of life.”


It is true that men care more about their spiritual needs than love.


Men are used to pretending to be strong, like to hide their negative emotions and ideas, as for the inner wounds, often in the dead of night to digest alone.


However, the strongest men, hidden too much can not be ignored spiritual needs, will also be dragged down their own.


Therefore, women should pay more attention to the spiritual world of men, especially those who he can not say out loud needs.


When a man encounters a low point, he will doubt himself, not confident, at this time he needs to be recognized, be encouraged;


When a man is filled with the trivialities of life, he needs space to empty his mood and thoughts;


When a man is tired of running for his life, he needs the sense of belonging to his home to accommodate his tired body and mind;


When a man is lonely and depressed, he needs to be understood and tolerated to warm his heart.


Women do not love to express the mood of the man, may as well give more care; willing to talk about the man, may as well give more listening.


Just like a saying on the Internet:


“The beauty and loneliness of the soul, always need a person to read.”



His self-esteem

Colin Hoover said:


“All human suffering is essentially anger at one’s own impotence.”


A man’s anger at this incompetence often flows in the form of defending his self-esteem.


There are some men in life who are not afraid of days of hard work and hardship, and who even face suffering and become more and more courageous.


However, they are afraid of being hurt self-esteem, especially afraid of the woman they love to doubt their own ability, ridicule themselves as inferior to others.


Men’s self-esteem, in fact, is a kind of dignity of their own personality guard, which is his “face”, can not be shaken by others.


Therefore, the woman in the necessary time, or to learn to take care of the man’s self-esteem.


In front of people, to know how to take into account his face;


Communication, do not be too strong, aggressive;


Failure, do not bad language sarcasm, easy to deny.


Of course, this respect is not a fearful obedience, nor is it a careful service of groveling, but to maintain his fragile heart, treat his inferiority that he does not want to show, accept his imperfect inner, and encourage him to accompany him steadily forward.


There is a line in The School for Girls that says:


“I always do not believe that love can be scorching and long, but always defeated by you.”


In fact, there is no such thing as a long-lasting love, can be long-lasting feelings, all need to use love to maintain.


Love a man, the most simple and straightforward way is to understand his emotional dead center, and then sympathize with each other, with care.


So, in order to keep the feelings fresh, let each other form attachment.


Finally, may we all be good side companion, the rest of life: Shallow to deep, long happiness, meet with the common pity, do not speak of the sky.

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  1. The wisdom in this article reminds us that emotions are a gift, and they deserve our attention and respect.

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