Women who “really want” a man will show four kinds of deep emotions

Missing between a man and a woman is a kind of happiness and a kind of pain.

Missing a person’s happiness, is to wake up laughing in their sleep, is intoxicated in the sweetness of the past raised the corners of the mouth, is in the longing for a better future in the wonderful feeling.

Missing a person’s pain, is “a day without seeing, such as three autumns” of the torment, is “also the Secretary of a bowl of emotionless tears, hate to meet the unshaved” of the helpless, is “people like the wind into the river after the clouds, like the rain like the aftermath of the sticky ground flakes “Tangled,” is “this love can not be eliminated, just under the eyebrows, and on the heart” of the pain ……

If a woman really want a man, often show four kinds of deep love.

[01] Share her happiness, confide in her worries, and share her secrets.

She will bring her achievements at work, progress in her career, the smoothness of her life, and even the slightest thing that makes her happy to share with you.

She will also confide in you her troubles, she really encountered troubles, rather than sickly only want to win your sympathy for her, because the true thinking must be true, true love must be sincere, to be blameless. A person’s troubles, and is not willing to talk to anyone, and generally just close to people, trust people. Visible, she has taken you as a close person.

Truthfulness opens the heart. When a woman reveals her secret to you, you have been her most trusted person, no one will be willing to waste feelings, unless there are other purposes, not to mention revealing their secrets, which is nothing more than a deep love.

[02] care about your life, often make you happy, help you solve the problem.

A woman really want you, will care about everything you, ask you warmly, often remind you to pay attention to this attention to that, words always reveal the care for you.

Therefore, she will also be able to feel the changes in your mood, when you are happy, she is also happy, in a variety of ways to tease you, so that you are more happy, when you are sad, she will also find ways to tease you, I hope you can be happy.

Women really want you, you have become her attachment, when you are in trouble, she will try to help you, even she will be more anxious than you. At this time, you will thank God for letting you meet such a good person, identified her as your only, dare to fail her in this life.

[03] Always pay attention to your dynamic, always want to be with you.

Really want your woman, will always pay attention to your circle of friends, just like you really want a woman, as soon as you have time to see her dynamic. In fact, her heart just want to be with you at all times.

Even though you have no new dynamic, she will repeatedly look at your previously sent circle of friends. It’s like gazing at you fondly, waiting for you bitterly, a piece of deep love can be seen.

[04] affectionately address you, and even and you ambiguous.

When a person moved true love, call also naturally become affectionate.

Really want you that woman, will show a woman’s unique naivety, gentle talent, romantic emotions. She may have a variety of affectionate address to you, no matter which kind of address, is the deep love for you. Only, some of the name will make you very touched, is heavy deep love; some of the name will make you very happy, is thick thick honey.

Really want your woman, your name, and your relationship will only become more and more ambiguous, your emotions will continue to sublimate, like a flower from budding until delicate.

Thinking of you, is looking forward to you, looking forward to your response, looking forward to your arrival.

In the dark night, you are the bright light, in the cold wind, you are the heart of the warm current.

However, when I think of you, sometimes you are in the bottom of my heart, sometimes you are far away, just like looking at flowers in the fog, looking at the moon in the water. I, on the other hand, only want to really see you.

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