How to build perfect intimacy between partners is very different for men and women

On August 29, 2020 (Saturday), Ellis, the founder of Bright Heart Psychology, held a seminar on the topic of Psychological Mystery – How to Build Perfect Intimate Relationships Between Partners – Men and Women Are Very Different at the Los Angeles Central Library.

At the beginning of the seminar, led by Ellis, all citizens and friends voiced out their usual dissatisfaction with their other halves: a girlfriend in a long-distance relationship is easily affected by her family of origin, which further affects our relationship, my husband lacks a sense of family responsibility and doesn’t care about the family, my wife always throws things away and isn’t good at housework, etc. These problems may seem to present themselves differently from one another. These problems seem to have different ways of presenting, but in fact the fundamental reason is that men and women are different species, and their differences are not a little bit, there are scholars will be compared to men and women from Venus and different human beings from Mars, such a huge difference, if you don’t do your homework in advance, don’t learn and self-improvement, and blindly enter into the marriage, then even the daily life of a very good person will also be encounter thorny problems.

What are the differences between men and women? Let’s take a look and learn:

01 Men and women are very different – feeling people vs. mind people

Women’s skin feeling points per square centimeter than men more than 16, and men’s minds than women weigh 100 grams, women with feelings to listen to things (women are born with a sixth sense), men with the mind to analyze things.

A good man knows how to respect his wife, the man’s attitude and tone of voice in communication is very important, the wife will be based on the attitude and tone of voice to judge rather than content.

02 men and women are very different – different ways of communication

Men focus on speaking to the point and expressing ideas; women focus on speaking to the details and expressing feelings.

The secret of communication: communicate with whoever becomes who; often need to check; the wife must not over-interpretation of the husband’s expression, and also pay attention to the focus of the speech.

A man needs his wife to speak clearly about her needs, while a woman wants her husband to understand and act without saying anything. Husbands want their wives not to talk about too many details and side branches, and directly tell him what they want to do for him and how to do it, so that communication with each other will be easier.

03 Men and women are very different – marriage expectations are different

Expectations in marriage are often the biggest cause of conflict. In marriage, if I can fulfill her longings, then she will come to fulfill my expectations.

Husbands long for: gratitude, appreciation, adoration; wives long for: security, attention, affection

Men need to be seen in marriage, what smart wives do: see and applaud and clap, the more you can see what your husband is giving, the more he will do it willingly and happily. Appreciation is from the heart feel great very good, the third realm is worship, do not need gorgeous language, in fact, a word “wow” can be expressed. Husbands will be willing to give their energy, wisdom and time when they feel the admiration of their wives.

For women, security is the foundation, the second is to determine their own in the minds of their husbands are very important, it shows in the husband whether he is willing to give themselves one-on-one alone time, 10 minutes 15 minutes a day can be, listen to her, talk to her.

04 Men and women are very different – different points of self-worth establishment

Men’s value building points: achievement, work; women’s value building points: family, relationship

For men in terms of work and career achievements ranked first important, in the career downturn do not want to receive his wife’s accusations and concerns, women do not need too much misery and quiet support is the best practice.

For women in terms of family and relationship ranked first important, men often can not understand the extramarital affair on the wife means not only sadness and anger, more is the soul trauma, negating the value of her life.

05 men and women are very different – different sexual needs
Sexual drive is different: men’s sexual drive with the production of sperm and produce, women’s sexual drive only before and after menstruation. The number of times men have sexual needs is much higher than that of women.

Sexual feelings are acquired in different ways: men acquire sexual feelings with their eyes; women acquire sexual feelings through the feeling of being loved, e.g. atmosphere, sweet words, touching to feel loved and thus enter the state.

Sexual relationship is very important for marriage and family. If couples can be honest and communicate well with each other in their sexual relationship, i.e., tell each other what they need, what they want each other to do, and do not ridicule each other, this will be the key to protecting the relationship.

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