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Love is a topic that is often talked about, because after air, water, food and security comes our grant. For example, the issue of security, which on the surface seems to be a requirement for the environment, is in fact a deepening of love, and it is only in love that we feel that we are valuable and worthy of love and protection and cherishing and development. A person who has lost his sense of security is unable to love himself and the world with ease. Relationships, for example, are an even greater condensation and amplification of love. It is difficult to envision that a person who does not love others will have a wide range of friends and good social relationships. Of course, he may gather people around him, but that is not a need of the heart, it is only driven by interests. When it comes to self-realization, it is even a higher stage of love. It is because your love, beyond the realm of one self, extends to a wider range of people and things. In this process of ascension and diffusion, love becomes a soft glow, emanating steadily from a core crystal, spreading warmth and brightness, far and wide.

However, when people talk about love, there is much confusion and disorientation. Love becomes a flowery face, and everyone paints its face as they please, putting homemade oil paint on the corners of its mouth and the tips of its brows. Love then becomes treacherous and unpredictable. There are a couple of widely circulated statements that I would like to bring up for discussion.

One: Is love related to age?

This is a concept that people usually don’t put in writing, but they know each other by heart. What it means is that only the young enjoy an abundance of love, and that its concentration diminishes with age, shrinking from the towering peaks of love to the barren wastelands of love. Because of this assumption, the young are complacent, feeling as if they enjoy a Pacific Ocean of love that they can squander without calculation. Those who have come of age are discouraged, and there is something very kingly about the embarrassment of not reading about love. The doorway to love has slowly closed like a shopping mall at closing time. The clerks are repeating “Thank you for coming” with tired smiles, and you have spent all your savings, so even if people don’t roll their eyes, you can’t afford to tarry any longer, and it’s only wise to withdraw with your neck tucked under and your tail between your legs.

There is one affecting convention–that of–love–that seems to be the monopoly of the young, or only of them to be explored in depth. When people speak of the love of middle-aged or older people, they wring their hands and feel that it is a remnant of a love that is less authentic and less authentic. For example, when describing the love of people above the age of youth, basically do not use the word “hot”, but only “cozy” instead. Undoubtedly, cozy than the hot temperature, to several orders of magnitude.

In the conventional wisdom, love has an age limit. It is abundantly present in the youthful years of life, and less frequently secreted in the mature and later years of life, when life is becoming stable and declining.

This is not only fallacious, but above all strange. It reduces love, a higher and sacred feeling that belongs intimately to mankind, to the equivalent of intrinsic hormonal secretions such as testosterone and progesterone, and to simple extrinsic indicators such as wrinkles and beards.

This necessarily involves, first and foremost, the question of whether love is a physical or a spiritual phenomenon.

Those who hold the view that young people have the most love are in fact locating love in the production of hormones, especially sex hormones. If you look at it this way, the young are sure to beat the old to the punch. Unfortunately or fortunately, however, love is a state of mind, an art that requires constant practice and improvement, a process of refinement that accumulates experience and scrutinizes the self. Therefore, love is independent of age.

The proof is that love can happen with the young as well as the old. As evidenced by countless stories and histories since the beginning of mankind, love is not a product of age; it is a faculty of the mind.

Second: Love has to do with the object.

Love the wrong person tragedy, throughout the ages, always happen again and again. People in the sighing, always lamenting that the thin woman infatuation Han, how not to wipe the eyes bright, but encountered should not love can not love people, confused on the love, and love the water deep hot?

So logically summarized: in this case, love is no fault, the wrong is that the object of love, can not undertake love, can not feel love, do not deserve love …… total this sentence – loved by non-people. Isn’t there a very famous song called “Love a person who shouldn’t love” ……

This is very much a point of discussion.

Love, in this kind of tragedy, seems to be an isolated pot of water that can be thrown over anyone’s head from a balcony, with eyes closed, based on the probability of something happening. There is no relation to the one who gives love. There is even a terrible argument that love is blind, love is chance, love is unknowable and unmeasurable, love is without law ……

Love is here overshadowed by fatalism and treachery, and having been demonized, hides in the cave of fate, waiting for an opportunity to plot against us in the likeness of a painted skin.

It is unfair and immodest to frame the innocence of Love in this way with the loss caused by the folly of a few.

Love is the bright choice of a sane mind; it accumulates the spiritual energy and all the vegetative wisdom of a person, and is the expression of a comprehensive power. It manifests itself first and foremost in the fact that the giver of love is empowered and discerning. If you don’t have the ability to love at all, it’s like not being able to swim at all, and you mistakenly enter the ocean of love, and you are drowned to the point that your eyes roll back in your head, and even your life is in danger, but it’s not the fault of the ocean’s water, it’s because of your misjudgment of your own skill. This is your responsibility, how can you be angry with the endless waves of the ocean? People are so generous and understanding of nature, so why are they so demanding of the love that is with us? Is it possible that behind this lies the indulgence we humans have for ourselves and the wanton bullying of speechless emotions?

You love wrongly, and the blame lies with you. Not only shows that your eyes are not bright, astigmatism, focus is not allowed, but also shows that you simply do not know what is love, after the disaster occurred, to figure out the responsibility, is a very painful and spoiled things, especially in the branches and vines to grow to the point of defeat, to dig out that the initial seed of misery, it turned out to be their own hand sowing, when the disaster shows the evil phase, they are not only not mending the sheep to cut off the root of the root, but also to feed the tiger with blood to palliate the problem. On the contrary, the blood to feed the tiger to condone the treachery to cause endless harm …… need great courage and strength to judge themselves. Can even arbitrarily say, because of this kind of tragic events of the protagonist, originally on the understanding of love, quite a lot of superficial bias, when they are calm and relaxed, you can not expect them to be wise and sober. When the crisis comes, you can’t expect them to be wise and sober. When the crisis comes, you can’t expect them to be introspective. At the same time, I am convinced that the scene of misfortune, if properly explored, is a valuable classroom that will be worth the high tuition fees. Sometimes, happiness, the teacher, can teach you more than disaster can teach you.

Unfortunately, the scarred love of the loser, complaining of heavenly murmuring, cursing the world, only to spare themselves. Therefore, I would like to brake the scenery to remind the good people, in the battle of love in the defeated, if he or she does not have their own reflection and criticism, if in the payment of a sum of love tuition fees, learn to just blame resentment, then, no matter how he or she showed how pathetic look, you can help with money, but do not pour out emotions. They don’t know true love and have a lot to learn.

The main aspect of love is not in the object of love, but in the subject of love, a cold and harsh judgment. While you are undergoing the accumulation of all kinds of knowledge in the world, you need to continue to practice the thought and practice of love. You have to be good at summarizing experience. If you don’t focus your main aperture on your own love benchmarks, but just vent your grievances and shirk your responsibilities in the forests of the world, you have not only suffered emotional trauma from them, but you have also lost the mending fence to avoid similar injuries in the future.

There are many people who believe that once they have successfully found a lovely person, love will automatically grow geometrically like cholera germs, and all that is left to do is to keep harvesting the fruits of love. Love is primarily a process of searching. If you look for the right thing, it is a good thing; if you look for the wrong thing, it is the end of the story. Love is a thing of the past, and success or failure depends only on the beginning.

Thus, finding the object of love becomes a matter of life and death. Once this matter is completed, the horse put South Mountain, the knife and gun into the warehouse, only to wait for the age of the dealer, to verify that we pressed the sign.

Is love a moment or a lifetime?

Love is a hammer or guarding the white head?

Love is a mistake or diligence to care for the accumulation of days and months?

Is love a variable or a constant?

Is love a probability or a conservation?


Your love waits for your opinion. Your love validates your opinion. What kind of perception of love you are able to have is what kind of love you will have. Your perception is your destiny.

Forgive me for saying this with such determination and even a little bit of dominance. Because it’s just too simple. The perpetrator of tragic endings is often not a judgment of complexity, but a defiance and disregard of common sense.

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