Love is in the air

There is a mutual desire, an emotional attachment, an emotional landing, a sweet love in the world.

Love between each other, rare and precious. Need to tolerate and amicable, need to two love each other. There is no emotion in life that is as strong as love. True love grows from the heart, nourished love; can make the years become rich and happy.

Love has experienced the heartbeat of silent joy, heart pounding throb, careful care. The descent of the beloved soul, the experience of tenderness, the sentiment of love lures each other. Love is like a flame, passionate and exuberant in each other burning; love is like Yan Li mountain flowers, rosy open in each other in the fragrant years.

Love between each other is pleasure, is happy yearning, there is a thirst, a desire. A person without the support of love, the only thing left is spiritual emptiness, loneliness and isolation. No matter how painful, love is only one part of life. In the face of reality, the only way to continue to delight one’s life is to straighten out one’s thoughts, forget the unpleasantness, and punctuate one’s spiritual life.

Of course love is beautiful, but sometimes it is not as good as it should be. Life is meant to be a journey, with sunny and dark sides, and it is inevitable that you will experience lows, so there is no need to be overly anxious and upset. If one of the party has the attempt to leave, must not be retained, left behind the person also can not stay heart. If you’ve got to go, the tea will be cold, and then warmed up, but also no aroma. In the possession of the time to cherish, love would have needed true love to treat.

Do people know how to think, a foolish person, once jumped into the whirlpool of lost love, difficult to break free. Worried about loneliness, depressed, heart laborious and can not be extricated. A wise person, reasonable, everything goes with the flow, will not cling to the good once. Since she insisted on leaving, love has lost its luster. So, why should we miss her luster again.

Emotions are indeed delicate. Sometimes chance favors love. Who can walk with you side by side in the crowd of people passing by; who can pay attention to go on the boat with you, sailing to the other side of the shore of love. In the red dust, only the two sides of the willingness, love, can be regarded as love at first sight, logical.

In this world there is a kind of love called fate. In the smile in the meeting, inadvertently happen. Love meets at the corner of a few times, and ultimately choose the first love of the good. This do not say occasionally, can not say coincidence, they are naturally formed in the netherworld. That is a kind of power of invisible entanglement, in the chance encounter nourishes the existence of the opportunity and possibility of meeting.

Trees rely on nutrient absorption to grow, blossom and bear fruit. People also need to absorb nutrients, also need to thrive. Especially in love between the delicate moment, like spring flowers as brilliant, moisturized and cultivated into a gorgeous and colorful people envy, let people appreciate. People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles, a person’s connotation is shown in the taste, neat and generous is respect for each other.

The first years of love, a flower, who pick not pick, who offer not offer. It can also be said, who first picked who first wear. However, love also has its many elements and emotional interpretation.

When a person reaches maturity, he or she naturally seeks to fall in love. Love will create a couple’s happiness and fulfillment. Love has nothing to do with age; there is a common language, similar feelings, similar experiences frank and natural communication, no pretense of performance. Only in-depth understanding, there is the cause of love. Love with true feelings to realize the process of mutual communication. Love is the yearning, is to build the foundation of marriage.

Love is free, marriage is autonomous. From ancient times to the present, in front of the world is often a kind of pose. Door to door, the concept of the door. Only then will there be love tragedy story staged: “Cowherd and Weaving Maiden”, “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, “Romeo and Juliet” and so on. Comprehensive reproduction of the feudal secular end of the human nature of the world, revealing the vulnerable and powerful tragedies and irreconcilable social contradictions.

The behavior of love is soft, slow and methodical, not in a hurry. Love is the cause and effect of the feelings of both parties, the behavior of one person is not called love. Love is targeted, make no mistake, there are just friendship level to you, that is not love. One person to maintain infatuation that is a very painful thing. No material love is sad, he can not guarantee the continuity of love.

True love, regardless of rich and poor, regardless of near and far. Thousands of feelings, ten thousand kinds of attachment. Strangers in the red dust, the heart is tied to a long time. About the words of thousands of miles, only because of the feelings come; far away from the road towards the evening, only because of attachment and go.

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