Being afraid to deny your partner’s sexual needs for fear of disappointing him

“How often is it normal to have sex?”
“Isn’t once a week too infrequent? ”
“It feels like it’s been less frequent lately, is that not normal?”

As an emotional blog, we often receive a variety of questions in the background surrounding the frequency of sex. Everyone seems to agree that there has to be an average standard for this. If it’s above that, then great; but if it’s below that, then there’s something wrong.

But bloggers have reservations about this. The reason is that averages never reflect group trends, but for each individual, there is a lot of variation. Not to mention the fact that sexual frequency is influenced by a combination of factors, and is not as fixed as length and size.

So how often is healthy for adult couples to have sex? This is actually a very interesting and complex question.

However, before we officially answer this question, we’d like to lay out some “averages” first.

The most scientific data on sexual frequency comes from the General Social Survey (GSS). According to the GSS survey data –

The frequency for couples aged 20-30 is 111 times per year. This number decreases by 20% as you grow 10 years older each year.

Based on the above pattern, we have drawn up a rough table that people of different ages can refer to for seating.

20-30 years old,111 times/year

30-40 years old,89 times / year

40-50 years old,71 times/year

50-60 years old,57/year

How about it. Are you above average or below?

There are actually very many factors in life that affect sex and desire

Living environment
Physical and mental health
Having children at home
Hormonal imbalances
Sudden changes
Workload and job stress
Intimate relationship status
History of trauma
Decreased sexual attraction to partner
Lack of intimacy with partner
Lack of trust in partner

Some of these reasons can be overcome and improved, while others are difficult, if not impossible.

But in talking to our fans, we have found that most couples who have a low sex life refuse to use the word “endure”. In other words, they don’t think they are putting up with their current situation. On the contrary, many couples are generally satisfied with their current low-frequency sex life.

Let’s return to the question at the beginning of this article: How often is healthy for two people to have sex?

Multiple studies published in journals related to sexual and social behavior have found that, on average, most partners agree that once a week is a mutually satisfactory frequency. Of course, this number can’t be applied to everyone, and as always, individuals vary greatly.

In fact, there has been a great deal of research that has found that there is little correlation between sexual satisfaction and frequency, and that high frequency does not mean that intimacy is more satisfying for both partners, nor does low frequency mean that intimacy declines.

Most of the time, sexual satisfaction is more related to the quality of a single sexual encounter. One time of total commitment is definitely better than 100 times of little quality.

In fact, if you pay attention to mature couples who have been in a good intimate relationship for a long time, you will find that most of them who have been together for a long time have reached a tacit understanding on the matter of sex.

Therefore, the most correct and reasonable answer to the question explored in this article is definitely not a number, but depends on the specific situation between each couple. Finding a frequency that best suits the current state of both people is the right answer.

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