How to arrange a perfect date?

The first date is the best time to enhance the relationship, and the ability to give a girl a perfect dating experience is the key to making a good impression on her. So the question arises, in the end, how should the first date be arranged? The following editorial from the date location, dress code, topics and other aspects to teach you some dating skills.

1 The location of the first date
The best place to choose a date is in their own familiar place, so that you can derive some topics based on the understanding of the dating place. There is absolutely no shame in dating in your own area and there is a lot to talk about when you are confident.

Of course you should also be mindful of freshness; girls will become less enthusiastic about dating if they spend too much time in one dating location. You can try to change the dating place during the date, the purpose of transition is to increase the emotional body and freshness of the girl you are dating.

Here are some suitable dating venues to share with you: real cs, secret room, amusement park, haunted house, aquarium, DIY craft store, movie theater, clear bar, KTV, hot springs, swimming pool, ski resort ……

The above dating places can promote interaction with girls. The interaction can naturally mobilize the girl’s emotions and enhance mutual understanding.

2 Dressing for the first date
First impressions are very important on a first date. Dressing up can reflect a person’s taste in life. In addition, a clean appearance and decent clothes are a sign of respect for the girl.

For example, when you go on a first date with a girl outdoors, it is obviously not appropriate to wear a formal dress; if the date is in a fancy restaurant, then wearing casual clothes to the date won’t be a good idea.
In addition, it is best to remind the girl of the dress code that should be avoided depending on the place of the date once it is finalized. For example, high heels are not suitable for an outdoor date; if you are going to play cs, it is better not to wear a dress.

3 Topics for the first date
Choice of First Date Topics No matter how well you and the girl chatted on Facebook before, the first date is still a new starting point, and if you chat more than the current level of the relationship, then your date will surely end in failure. That’s why it’s best to chat with a girl on a first date on topics that will fully interact with the girl.

For example, on a first date, it is taboo to chat about personal matters such as monthly salary and family.
The best way to chat is first to share yourself, and then gradually guide the girl to show yourself, when asking the girl, it is better to ask questions with open questions.

When the girl shares herself, listen carefully, focus on interacting with the girl and maintain eye contact.
Some of the topics you can talk to a girl about are: weather, food, friends, childhood, future, ideals, TV and movies, gossip and entertainment, taste in clothes, current environment, things around you, opinions about things, etc.

After talking about the first date should pay attention to, the following is an example of a dating process:
First, meet in the afternoon at the coffee shop about, and then order two cups of coffee to chat for about an hour.
Second, after the coffee, take her on a tour of IKEA, which is good for photos and snacks.

Third, when visiting IKEA, book tickets in advance and go to a movie with the girl.

Fourth, take her to dinner after the movie.

Fifth, take her home after dinner.

This is sure to impress the girl, and of course, each part can be changed to suit the girl’s specific personality preferences. But after all, this is just a first date, which will only take your relationship further, not particularly deeper, so do not forget to create an opportunity for the next date with the girl.

In fact, in essence, it does not matter how to date, the way the date is, but it is important to be able to take care of each other’s feelings. Everything about dating couldn’t be more appropriate when it revolves around each other’s inner needs. I hope you all have fun and perfect dates~

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