Did anyone say those three names to you?

Interaction between people, mutual address is very important, it reflects the depth of the relationship between a person and the other person, good or bad. It reflects the person’s respect for others, like or despise, hate.

A person’s address to others contains its emotions, usually, other people’s address to us, some make us feel comfortable, some will make us resent.

Interaction between men and women, the woman to the man’s name, in fact, is to express their own some kind of emotion.

Andy works in the township and his boyfriend works in the city.

Andy goes back to her home in the county town on weekends. Since she has been dating her boyfriend, he has been driving to pick her up on Friday afternoons to take her back to the county, and sending her back to the township on Sunday evenings.

When they first started dating, Fanny only called her boyfriend by his first name when she mentioned him to others.

After a while, on Fridays, when others were going home, she was asked if she was going home. She said my driver hasn’t arrived yet. By calling her boyfriend this way now, it is clear that the two are closer.


When a woman calls a man one of the following three, in fact, is waiting for you to “pick up”. If you are a man, you can pay attention to the woman from your name seriously feel and experience her emotions for you, so as to seize the opportunity to let your relationship to get promoted.

She has a special and exclusive name for you. The relationship between men and women, just started to recognize the time, are more constrained, most only dare to shout each other’s name. All want to give each other a good impression, do not dare to act rashly, afraid of their own appear frivolous, the other party scared away. When a woman has a good feeling about men, the name has become friendly, as long as she is happy, can give you a variety of special and exclusive name. For example, her pet called “Wang Cai”, will also call you “Wang Cai”, funny and full of love; sometimes she and you ride, will call you “master”; if you have a specialty in a certain area, she will call you “master”; if you have a specialty in a certain area, she will call you “master”. If you are good at something, she will call you “teacher” and so on.

She called you by your maiden name like your elders, brothers and sisters, and she called you like your family, making you feel that you are just like a pair of lovers. Sometimes, she will also imitate your parents to talk to you, making you laugh and cry, but also happy. At this time, it shows that she has opened her heart to you, trust you, accept you, recognize you.

She used the common name between lovers, such as “darling”, “husband”, “brother” and so on to call you. “Brother” this name, neither look very ambiguous, but also expressed her emotions, generally in her good feelings for you, may call you so. With her deepening of your emotions, you will call you “darling”, the first time to hear their favorite woman to call themselves, I believe that every man will be thrilled, happy to sleep, will be thinking about going to “bubble” her it. And so women call you “husband”, her feelings for you have been more than ambiguous, is in the clear to tell you, you have been her only, is her favorite person.


Women have intimate name to you, because of your emotions rise.

Her first time you have such a close call, mostly in the warm, moving moments occur naturally, perhaps your payment so that she was moved, perhaps your companionship to make her warm, in short, so that she blurted out, shouted you “darling”.

Women are more reserved, not to men hastily have intimate call, need two people have a certain emotional foundation, and then in a special time, suddenly warmed up feelings, the relationship closer, will happen.

Therefore, men pursue women, to have to pay, but also good from her address to you, experience her feelings for you, seize the opportunity, in order to harvest a good love.

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  1. I believe this article offers valuable insights to help people better understand and manage their emotions. It’s truly inspiring.

  2. The storytelling and emotional descriptions in this article made me feel like I was right there. It’s a deeply moving piece.

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