What can partners do to keep sexual harmony between them

How to maintain a harmonious sex life

1, do not let go of the fleeting moment

Many people are excited at home, but on the way to the bedroom, there are always a lot of things to distraction, and soon will not be able to get excited. Experts point out that if you want to enjoy and better sexual pleasure, be aroused by the desire to act immediately.

Step – Don’t be distracted by other things when you are feeling aroused. Stay focused. Don’t let the excitement slip away.

Step 2, do everything possible, choose a place in the home to start acting immediately.

 2、Know how to put forward sexual fantasies at the right time

Through the above links, your sexual communication skills have been enhanced, and now you can prepare to raise the verbal skills to another level: make special requests or share a sexual fantasy. Step 1: Let your partner know what you want, or write down what you want in a note. Or try the bookmark technique: in a book describing sexual fantasies, find a scene that you would like to “reenact” and mark that part with a red pen before placing the book next to your partner’s bed.

Step 2: In advance of one of the scheduled day of intercourse, notify him to read those chapters, so that he has enough time to thoroughly understand the content.

3. Understand each other’s needs

There are so many different variations of men’s favorite strokes, in fact, that they often seem impotent on their own. In this section, he will show you what he likes, and that can be very enlightening and exciting.

Step 1: It is common to feel embarrassed when you ask him to demonstrate his preferred way of stroking male sex tools. It might be a good idea to communicate this to him first. The key is that he has to believe that he won’t be too awkward when you actually want to see the demonstration.

Step 2: Watch carefully which way he uses it to show particular arousal, how fast does he pump? How strong is the grip? Does he concentrate only on the stem, or does he include the glans and testicles? The following parts are all important: throughout the experience of orgasm. Does he continue to twitch, or does he stop moving just before he comes? Apply your observations the next time you have sex and make sure he’s satisfied.

It is essential to communicate with your partner about your feelings during sex. In addition, you also need to encourage your partner from the heart, for example, you feel that the other half of the sex in a certain time there is a little change and progress, must not be stingy but generous to tell each other. In fact, sex is like an oasis in the desert in general, is worth exploring, and this road once by the two partners to work hard to complete is able to greatly consolidate the intimate relationship. The following are some of the most important things that you can do to make your life better.

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