The first step in a relationship is: know yourself first and find the right person for you

What is love?

This is the question we ask the most when pursuing love, because before we do, we have to make sure that the behavior we display is not due to impulse, but love out of hormone and dopamine production.

Someone once said “Love is knowing what the other person wants without having to say it.”

Maybe that’s true, but what you give the other person may not be what they really need. Sometimes do not like a person can also be pretended, especially to accept you to pay the time, the show of “love” may only be touched by your own.

As a woman, should understand: we want to love to a large extent and the performance of men will be very different.

Men want to be physically intimate, and women want to be emotionally intimate, the difference between the two to be assimilated, must be a person to make a change first, in order to get the soul of the fit.

First of all, you have to understand that the first step in love is: first understand yourself, find the right person for you.

So, as women, how do we go about this? Here are 3 ways to understand yourself and find the right person.

1, create a loving environment, cultivate their ability to love

To love people, you must first make yourself capable of loving people.

Because love is complete, if our judgment of love are flawed, then, we will certainly “wrong love” or “love wrong”.

Lawrence once said, “Allow yourself to live in love, for if you do not do so you are wasting your life.”

Deep down, if we have love in our hearts, our adoration for others will be warmer.

A woman’s view of love is most of the time influenced by her family of origin, and it can be said that it is our parents’ pattern of love for each other that deeply influences us.

Therefore, if our family has love, then, we are lucky, completely can copy the happy pattern in the family of origin to run their own love.

However, if our family of origin is full of quarrels, we don’t need to complain, we just need to help ourselves and put ourselves in a loving environment.

For example, we can participate in more volunteer activities or work as a social worker in an orphanage, which are all acts that can ignite love.

Therefore, before seeking love, first let yourself become a loving person, so as not to “lack of love” and “wrong love” a person, this is the essence of love.

2, put down the subjective love, objective analysis of their own love

Love is a thing is a very subjective thing, our own judgment of love also comes from the sympathy for each other.

However, sometimes will find: get along with each other after the love is far less than the love of acquaintance.

Most women will be at this time to question: is he not love me enough? I think not necessarily, only that you begin to men’s expectations are too high, did not meet the expectations of the love would have been unsatisfactory.

Women in love is the biggest characteristic of the lover will set up a “persona”, fall in love with their own ideal “he”, and in the process of getting along with the real behavior of its contrast.

When the lover’s pay and their own subjective “love” does not match, will fall into question: he does not love me enough.

This is the woman in love “common disease.”

Sometimes, women in love is very easy to capricious, and ignore the man’s feelings and psychological changes, until the loss will wake up their own sleeping “love”.

This kind of love from the beginning is unfair, because the woman is the first to fall in love with the conception of “he”, and then to accept the reality of “he”, which is obviously not in line with the logic of love.

If you can, I hope women can get rid of their own subjective love, love yourself, cherish the person in front of you.

3, refuse a person’s “one-man show”, find each other love the right direction!

Women want to get more love from men, the first prerequisite is to find each other in the direction of love, love each other on the issue of “united front.”

Ask, if two people can not agree on the issue of argument, then, and how to live happily?

Women must not unilaterally pay, not to mention all the obstacles about love a person to bear. Because this will not only make yourself feel tired, but also make men feel that your love is cheap.

Therefore, the road of love is not smooth, need to be carefully chosen by the woman, but also need to be committed to both sides, after all, happy love is not only “love”, but also need to have to support the material basis of love.

You are right?

Therefore, the woman wants a man to love you more, then, it is necessary to love each other before the solution to the man’s concerns, has planned the direction of the joint efforts of the two, so that the love will be carried to the end of the hope.

Finally, I also hope that women in the first step of the relationship can lay a good foundation for their own happiness pave the way to find the right person for themselves. We encourage you to do so!

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